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About us!

We at AIV take great pride in serving our customers the best possible fiberglass products at affordable prices. Our products are fireproof, thermal and acoustic insulation materials. They can be widely applied to autos and motorcycles, building, household appliances, steelworks as well as glass industry. Especially in autos and motorcycles, our products are always first class, not only in quality but also in price and technical service. We constantly pursue customers’ satisfaction, and get the recognition and support from our customers.

Our key assets are our highly skilled employees and our many years of experience. With our managerial concept of “pursuing new and change, quality being priority, service being supreme”, we effort in research and technical cooperation, and achieve industrial vertical integration progressively.


AIV is a Taiwan based company. Having started as a small local supplier, we are now promoting our products worldwide. Although we are continuously growing, we still maintain the principle of providing satisfactory products and service all the time. We look forward to creating a brilliant future together with you.


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