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Following the current trend that applications have increased temperature requirements, our basalt mat offers higher heat resistance than standard e-glass mats. It ensures exceptional performance for applications that operate in temperatures above 1000°F (500°C) and below 1800°F (980°C). For these applications our basalt mat is a cost efficient alternative to silica mats. And unlike ceramic fiber mats it provides excellent vibration resistance and non-respirable fibers.


With excellent drapability, our basalt mat conforms to irregular surfaces to meet a variety of design needs, while its chemical and properties make it highly durable and safe.



Product Specifications
Material Basalt
Construction Needled and Felted Blanket
Fiber Diameter(micron) 12 to 15
Temperature Limit(°F)
Continuous Use 1300
Intermittent 1800
Melting temperature 2650
Density (lb/cu. ft.) 9 to 12.5
Available thickness(inch) 1/4", 1/2", 1/1"
Roll Width (inch) 60
Roll Length(feet)
1/4" 150-220'
1/2" 75-100'
1" 45-53'
Thermal Conductivity (BTU-in./hr.-sq. ft.-°F) preliminary
500°F 0.38
750°F 0.56
1100°F 1.11
1300°F 1.39
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