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Clean... Non-Irritating... Highly Bendable... Max. 2300°F / 1260°C


Newly developed Soft-Touch® ceramic fiber mat that neither dusts nor irritates the skin. (more details...)



Our other non woven specialities are

  • Needled E-Glass Mat (Nonwoven)

    Our E-glass needled mat is a mechanically bonded glass fiber insulation blanket of uniform density supplied in thicknesses of 1/8" , 1/4 ", 1/2", and 1" that offers reliable, superior performance for continuous operating temperatures up to 1000° F (538° C) and excursions to 1200° F (649° C). (more details…)
  • Needled High Silica Mat (Nonwoven)

    Our High Silica Mat is a high performance nonwoven mat with a SiO2 content of 96% to 99%. Due to its outstanding low heat conductivity it used for thermal insulation and heat protection where severe temperature conditions up to 2300° F (1260° C) exist. (more details…)
  • Chopped Fiberglass Strands

    Our chopped strands are made from continuous fiberglass yarns which are cut at a customer specific length (between 1.5” and 6.0”). (more details…)


This is how you can benefit from us:

  • high quality based on our long production experience
  • low prices as a result of our smart sourcing of raw materials in Asia and our efficient production processes
  • high flexibility to your specific needs


We look forward to doing business with you.

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